Summary and conclusions on the success factors of recruiting procurement professionals

In this series of 5 blogs I shared my experiences as an executive search specialist in the procurement sector. I shared and explained the four successfactors for recruiting procurement professionals.

These 4 successfactors are:

  1. Do not start with your own recruitment efforts first. Do not attempt it yourself first. But immediately engage an executive search specialist in the procurement function. Trying yourself first rarely is successful and always results in the loss of 2-3 months of valuable time.
  2. Offer the candidate 50% of the interview time for questions. Questions about the company, the role and about yourself. Answer these clearly and honestly. Include relevant stakeholders and peers in the recruitment process. Enable candidates to soak up the atmosphere, also outside of the meeting room.
  3. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and understand why he or she chooses you. Prepare your interviews very well. Study their CV and focus on the changes of role and employer. Find out the drivers for these changes.
  4. Ensure the candidate can have the last word in the contract negotiation. You are about to hire a good buyer who aims to get the best result from the negotiations. Prepare for this. And it may feel a bit uncomfortable, but: in the current employment market allow the candidate to have the last say.

And keep in mind that most candidates quit their current job because they have no connection with their manager. Establishing a good connection during the interviews is essential to make them choose for you. And therefore, make yourself a topic in the decision making. Present yourself in your authentic and sincere way. Do not just talk business language. Express your human side, share what makes you happy. Express empathy, put yourself in their shoes and demonstrate you understand their decision making process. Make clear what you have to offer. And how you can help to take away any doubts.

I wish you lots of success and fun with your next recruitment of a procurement professional. I am happy to support you in this.

Hanne (Alberto) Goebel